Below are the picture archives of past pages


The Quilt

      Denham Family

      April 15, 2006 storm damage

        NICHES Land Trust

      Mt Rushmore

     Click here to see all the snow roller pictures of 2003

     Tully's first herding session.

     Bloomington House 2002 Project

      Texas Trip March 2002

        Some pictures of the Feb 2002 snow

       Christmas 2001 stuff

     The Xavier Road Project-2001 

     Fence at Xavier

    Thanksgiving  2001

      Our May 2001 Texas trip with the Grandmas  

    Betty's Place 

     Surprise river adventure 

    4th of July 2001

     Indiana woods in the spring

    May 20, 2001 walk to the creek     

     Classic picture


     Vicki and Wayne 
        This page was done as a joke but we saw some 
    cookers in Texas that were no joke.   Take another look.

     Grandma's Birthday Feb 2001  


     Snow dogs  

    Jan 2001Thaw 

    Bloomington Birthday Party

     The Jasper, Genny and Bill page