May 20 walk

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First the bugs and animal stuff



Turtle eggs

Vary rare, short-tailed, pointed ear Indiana Hippo

4 inch long worm

Beaver Dam rebuild1

Swallows on the rock wall

Now for the plants.
Please help me name them.

This is 3 photos combined in a vertical pan
from creek up to top of bluff
   Takes a while to load.
Example of what grows at different levels.

Tall something    Tall something up close

Starburst appearance?    Starburst up close

Looks like lanterns in a tree

Some sort of cup plant--see the water.

Nice picture

Plant covering rock face    Plant covering rock face close-up

Competing for a spot to grow

All alone     Alone close-up

1005a  Close-up

1013    Close-up

Lot of this grass. Native?, Weed? or Hay?