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Below are companies and sites for products or for great detail on systems.  This is not a total listing but you can search for yourself for information.  I did a search for  "radiant heat YouTube" and had thousands of results just for videos.   Start reading and watching if you want to install a system.


This is the company that got us started seriously considering radiant heat. 

You have to visit their website if you are considering radiant and also combining with solar.  They were very helpful and provided much information and list of materials I might need.  I am sorry I did not purchase from them but it was easier for me to do local on my simple system.  If you are doing a bigger project than mine then they can provide quality materials and systems.  Could not justify the Polaris water heater but it would have been a great experience seeing how it worked.
 Website > 


Radiant Floor Company

Another company that provides great details.  Quote below is from their website.

"If you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking for help designing a radiant floor heat system you’ve found the right company."

Website> Radiant Floor Company


NIBCO®  Radiant heat products


Menards®   Radiant heat products and big inventory of Nibco products


eComfort  Radiators plus a lot more.  Great customer service for a knob broken in shipment.


PexUniverse Radiant heat products


PEXSuperstore  Pex tubing and radiant supplies


SupplyHouse About anything you want. 


HouseNeeds  Visit their learning center on radiant and solar


High Card Heating  so much information on radiant


GreenBuildingAdvisor  Many, many discussions



House background       Heat Source       Controls       Loops       Information and Sources