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Controls for the system

There were three main components attached to the board.

Nibco RHP-1 Radiant heat panel

I decided on this unit because it was simple but functional.  It has a pump, an mixing valve and a control box with the appropriate fitings for attaching the piping.  This was specfic for use with tank water heater.

If doing a larger home with more zones then another would have been chosen.  You can search for these and see the various types by several companies.


The plumbing tree below is called several names depending on which company site you view.  You can buy these already put together normally with sweat copper fittings.  I decided to build this from brass fittings because needed it to fit the board and saved about $100. (and it was a fun challenge)  I bought the parts based upon many sites showing the components used for this section.  It was normally made in one long length but I "bent" it by adding an elbow and worked better for me in my space.  The water did not know it went around a corner.


1. Boiler valves

2. Ball valve

3. Air Eliminator

4.Expansion tank (seen in other pictures)

5. Pressure gauge

6. Pressure relief valve





This was a mixture of local and online purchases


These are the manifolds again chosen for this job.

There are other models that are more complicated and higher priced out there for any application.  I did decide to use the one with valves for both and they also have 3/4 Pex on both ends.

So now it was time to hook them together, run some loops and circulate hot water.


I did do some of my own design by adding additional valves.

On the left I added a ball valve in both lines.

I added a boiler drain valve on the right end of both mainfolds.

This will allow the isolation of each loop for filling and purging
and keep most of the air out of the system when bringing a new loop online.


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