This is an update from August 8 through August 27

The Amish crew who put up the trusses and decking offered to do the roofing. 

On August 21st about 7 a.m. 15 men showed up after driving through rain to get there.  It did not phase them and all went to work on different sections of the roof with some putting on new shingles and others tearing off the old roof.   Actually the occasional rain that persisted until about noon kept it cool and they were very careful on what I considered a roof too steep for humans.  And now it is wet.  If it had been a sunny day like the previous week they could not have worked past 10.  The cool, cloudy weather made it an ideal day so they kept up the pace and by 3 in the afternoon they had packed up their tools and heading home. 
Another sight to behold.  What a huge relief to have the roof done.   
Again it would have been such a great video. 


It was fun to watch as they all finished each section and moved toward the East end of the house.  Kind of like being funneled into a smaller and smaller space and only took a few minutes for them to tear off the remaining section and start with the new roof. 


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