Little Squeak died Friday, July 28, 2006. 

We noticed last month that it appeared her eye sight was getting very bad. Took her to the vet on July 7 and found out that sight loss was total.  Glaucoma.  Pressure had destroyed her retinas.  Amazing how she was able to come and go from the house to outside through two doggie doors and make it look like she could see. She was our tough little dog but her ability to appear normal hid her symptoms until it was too late.  Past three weeks seemed to go down fast.  Also discovered hearing was about 95% gone and did not seem to smell much either but she still bounced up at the sound of the can opener or the lid being taken off the frozen yogurt bucket and her tail was always wagging with great anticipation. She was not always facing the right direction but knew we would find her with the treat.
First of last week she seemed to be struggling more and on two occasions she did not find her way back to the house.  Wednesday evening we returned late and found her at the far corner of the yard along the fence. She had stumbled onto a nest of ground hornets and was covered with them.  I think that stress magnified the rest of her health problems and she just started giving up.  Stopped wagging her tail and eating.  She did eat some frozen yogurt friday morning before we left for our trip to Bloomington and was resting peacefully in one of her spots in the family room.  She had not moved far when we found her Friday evening.
She went through a lot during the 12 years she was with us.  In Oct 2004 the Purdue vets thought she was in such bad shape that they called to see if we wanted to revive her after some tests being run to find out what was wrong. They could not find the problem but we brought her home and cared for her until she came through that struggle.  Still do not know what was wrong but the Friday before Thanksgiving she bounced back and was almost normal until last month.  She was Cally's buddy and she misses her.



Buddies sharing the pad February 20, 2006


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