Tully died at 6:30 A.M. March 6, 2014


It is very sad to be putting this page together because it means he is gone.   It will help to bring back 12 years of memories of what a wonderful friend he had been. 

We had him from February 17, 2002 until March 6, 2014. 

Going through the pictures reminds us of all the good times and experiences he brought to our lives and also helps ease the memory of the past few weeks when his health declined.  

We will miss him so much. 

He was so much Judy's buddy.  We rescued him in February 2002 and I will never forget the first night when he took a pair of my pants to the yard through the doggie door.  We will always think he was making a statement about only needing her as his new companion. 

Even a few weeks ago he still would wait for her to come home by watching out the bottom of our full length glass entry door. When she drove in the drive he would head out to the garage and wait for her to stop the car and open her door.

Wednesday night we knew the end was near and he was not responsive.  I was on the floor next to his doggie pad with his head on my leg just comforting him.  As Judy came from the kitchen to the family room I think he mustered all the strength he had left to actually hold up his head and perk his ears a bit and look at her as sort of a last gesture of recognition of his special human. 

Only people who have had and lost beloved pets will understand that kind of bond.

The link below will take you to some of his pictures.


Our years with the "Tully Boy"

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