Water line to greenhouses

This is the Tee from old water lint to the house.  I found it first week in April
and found area that looked like ditch path to the barn.



After digging and probing I found the water line to the barn on April 10


Cutting sod off the future ditch on April 18


Lot of digging but only a few minutes every day.

The link below is a 30 sec video of how you dig 90 ft of water line ditch one little shovel full at a time........

Martin Hollow/WaterLine2015/WaterLine.wmv


This is the path from the water line to the hydrant location


Ditch finally done May 1

Main hook up May 4

Tee to the hydrant

This was the purpose of the digging adventure.
Now Jon has water at the greenhouses and the growing areas
without having a hose connected to the house.
Nice 4 outlet attachment...

Meter pit from water company.
East Lawrence Water had all the fittings and water line I needed at a reasonable price.
Very much appreciate all the help from them.


Contents of pit


Looks official
Now just have to cover up that ditch after all the work digging it.....