Martin Hollow Adventure Begins    

March 2007


We sold our 114 acres in Vigo County in 1999 and moved to Attica.  Christina and Jon moved back from Texas in 2002 and wanted to find some land.  In part to duplicate the way of life we  experienced as she was growing up and also to increase production.

In February of 2007 a friend contacted them about their place.  They were moving and thought Chris and Jon would be interested.

Below is a panoramic picture taken on the March 5, 2007 visit.  It shows both houses and the layout of the front along the road.
This is 180 degrees so there is a couple of distortions in it. 
Scroll back and forth to see entire picture.

The tall house with the green roof is Christina and Jon's.

Total of 37 acres in the tract.  They have 34 and we have the 3 in the SW corner.

Use the scroll bar at the bottom to see the 180 panoramic view of the place

More pictures