January Page 1 and only page.

January was not an exciting month but important stuff accomplished.

The bad weather stopped any progress for the first couple of weeks.

It is probably difficult to understand the picture unless you have been there but it is a shot of the snow drift of the back step on January 13.


Before we could build the final walls for the laundry room and bathroom we had to get the shower unit in place and that involved insulating the walls.  I bought a ski mask, rubber gloves, filter mask, goggles and went to Goodwill for oversize shirt and pants and had my own homemade hazmat suit to keep fiberglass from irritating me.  It worked.

Shower unit goes in this corner

Shower unit has to come through the door and then back to the corner

Made the trip to Seymour on January 18 for the shower unit and Jon helped move it in.

Finished the two cross walls on January 19

Came back following week to finish shower unit and little closet walls

 Walls in place and ready for next phase on January 27


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