This shows the final stage of bathroom wall and joist re-construction.
The color of the wood runs together so hard to see unless look for a minute.
What this shows is a new plate on the block with new joists.  Next is a 3/4
piece of flooring on top of the joists and then the wall on top of the it.
Raising and replacing rotted wood involved raising the house over 2 inches to
put it back where should have been.  Notice the white plastic drain line sticking
through the foundation.  Replaced the old cast iron stool drain and put new
plastic pipe to septic tank.

West bedroom wall showing floor joists and wall. Will have to 
raise all joists and North wall 1 1/2 inches to bring up to same 
level as bathroom.  

Shows how the top row of block had moved in.  The tilted board
under the wall was put in some time in past after original one rotted.
the wall is in good shape.  What has to happen is that a 2x8 lays
flat between the block and the joist and then a 3/4" sub floor goes
between the top of the joist and the bottom of the floor. Wall is not
a bearing wall and raises easily.  

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